JAYDE is being mentored towards becoming a Finishing Lead. She joined the company with a background, working on boats and earning her Captain’s License. She was initially hired as a General Laborer. Vinyl wrapping is one area of her expertise, as shown in the photo above on a recently completed aluminum catamaran pilot house.

Jayde grew up in California where her first experiences with boats began. After high school one of her friends was working on a cruise ship and helped recruit Jayde to join their team in the galley. This started a 6-year period of working on cruise ships and then later on trawlers in the Bering Sea. Jayde earned her Captain’s License, which qualifies her to transport vessels as another exciting aspect of her maritime career. Her license is a Master 50 ton, which qualifies her to captain a vessel up to 50 tons and up to 6 passengers on an inspected USCG vessel.

Women continue to be under-represented in the maritime trades across the country. When asked about this Jayde shared, “I actually like to work in male dominated environments to be part of showing them that we can do it too.”

Jayde loves working on vinyl wraps and her enthusiasm peaks when she gets to work on one that features eye-catching graphics. Her formal background in photo journalism gives her a keen sense of artistry and a well-developed sensitivity to detail.  She is working on her Vinyl Wrap Certification that will test her ability to apply wraps to things such as a floor, beveled truck, car hood and bumper, brick wall, as well as fiberglass and metal surfaces.

In addition to her finishing work, Jayde’s social media and photography skills have been tapped to keep the company’s photo documentation and Facebook current. These skills make an important contribution to our marketing efforts.

Thank you, Jayde, for being such a talented member of the ACI Boats team!