pacific northwest seattle aluminum boat commercial fishing monohull

Aluminum Monohulls

Built tough & yet comfortable

Power, Durability & Value

ACI Boat’s monohulls are as rugged as the waters they’re designed to conquer. Originally developed in response to the special demands of Alaskan waters, ACI Boats has designed monohulls that combine the practicality of commercial boats with the comfort of recreational designs. The results are an irresistible combination of power, comfort, durability and value.

These boats are perfect for:

  • family cruising
  • sport fishing
  • commercial fishing
  • whale watching
  • dive boats
  • survey boats
  • charter fishing
  • patrol & law enforcement
  • passenger vessels
ACI BOATS, a division of Armstrong Consolidated, LLC, is a Pacific Northwest boat manufacturing company located near Seattle. Surrounded by the Salish Sea and Puget Sound, our facilities sit on Port Townsend Bay on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. Founded by CORY ARMSTRONG, ACI Boats builds high quality aluminum marine vessels – catamarans and monohulls – perfect for commercial fishing, charter fishing, family cruising, power boating, sport fishing, patrol & law enforcement, whale watching, dive boats, survey boats and passenger vessels. Our boats are ocean class and all welded – notable for their head-turning designs, as well as their safety, superior strength, fuel efficiency and economy, easy maintenance, durability, and renewable, recyclable materials.

You imagine it. We build it.

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