JOEY is Rigging Lead at ACI Boats. He frequently works in confined spaces (as in the photo above), installing systems into the interior of boats. He came into the company with a background in mechanics and was initially hired as a General Laborer. During three years at ACI he expanded his skills through on-the-job training, as well as off-site training opportunities. Joey’s areas of expertise include marine electrical systems, heating, plumbing, steering and hydraulics. He likes the variety of work that rigging requires.

Moving into supervision

As a supervisor, Joey enjoys the role of mentoring and guiding his fellow boat builders. He supervises seven employees, ensuring their installations adhere to the highest rigging standards. Joey participates in weekly supervisory meetings led by ACI Boats owner, Cory Armstrong, and receives on-going leadership training.

Asked about his favorite part of the job, Joey chuckled, “I love to see when everything works – it’s gratifying.” Identifying his biggest challenge as a supervisor, he thought for a moment and then shared, “Staying ahead of the work can sometimes be a challenge.” This enviable problem is indicative of the speed and efficiency of the workers he mentors.

Co-worker Noah, Marine Electrician, enjoys working with Joey and didn’t hesitate to share his opinion. “Joey is smart, patient, and a great leader. He is always positive and encouraging even when things get tough or challenging. I’m lucky to have him as a supervisor.”

Thank you, Joey, for being such a valuable member of the ACI Boats team!