BRIAN is a Metal Lead with ACI Boats. In the photo you see him standing in front of the 38′ catamaran “Hana Hou,” that he helped build. This hull was a real point of pride for Brian. He joined the company after an almost 25-year career as a logger and was initially hired as a general laborer. Over a period of three years he developed his welding skills through on-the-job training guided by owner Cory Armstrong.

Helping build this hull was a real milestone for Brian.

The hull on the “Hana Hou” took about 2-3 months to construct. First the interior seams were welded and then the hull was carefully flipped over upside down on a jig for support while the outside seams were welded. Through beautiful designs, methodical methods and skilled staff the boats at ACI come to life.

The personal pride is evident in Brian as he shared about his role in the process.


MIKE is a Welder with ACI Boats. He is shown here working on the interior of the “Hana Hou,” cleaning the face with sanders, gouging wheels, sanding pads and wire brushes.

Mike was trained in the Timber Lake Job Corps in Oregon before he started working on large ships in Tacoma, Washington. He transferred to a small company before joining ACI Boats. When asked about his motivation for boat building he shared, “I love to watch the boats come alive. They all have their own mission – it’s custom.”

Brian and Mike exemplify the success of “learning by doing.”

They love to work with their hands and have flourished in the work environment at ACI Boats that nurtures learning and the expansion of everyone’s skills.

Thank you, Brian and Mike, for being such valued members of the ACI Boats team!