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Aluminum boats built with every detail engineered, designed, and executed with dedication. ACI Boats builds welded aluminum catamarans and monohulls for recreational and commercial use. Our boats are built to last a lifetime.  

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aluminum recreational catamaran for tuna fishing southern california

Who we are

We are founded on generations of boat building experience. ACI Boats is owned and operated by Cory Armstrong, and backed by a team of skilled craftsmen and women. When choosing a boat builder, quality and trust is everything– ACI boats delivers with a safe, and comfortable vessel that you can rely on.

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Welding aluminum boat
"When I was looking to purchase a boat the first thing I wanted to do is find a company that I felt comfortable with, so I looked around at a few different builders. I knew I wanted an aluminum boat, and I knew that I wanted a cat. I’ve owned a cat before, so I know how stable they are and that’s what I was looking for. When I visited ACI, and I met everyone, one of the first impressions that I got was that they’re super family oriented. They don’t treat you like just another customer, they treat you like family. Obviously the quality of the boat is the most important thing. They really take pride in their boats, and the quality of their work.

This boat is the best of both worlds. It has plenty of cabin space, and plenty of cruising space. I wanted a boat that could be out on the water for 5-6 days and not have to return back for any reason. This boat will do that hands down, no problem, in any weather and be safe and comfortable. Comfort and fishability were the most import things to me. My opinion- hands down, this boat gives you the best of both worlds that no other boat has. Overall this boat is a 10/10 for me."
- Bashir S
Tuna Can
"Working with ACI has been a first-class experience. From the design, build, and final logistics of transporting the boat across country in the middle of a pandemic, they made it a smooth process with wonderful results.  We had considered moving a boat in town to use as a water taxi for sometime and with COVID that really accelerated the idea. We contacted several boat builders, some that we had used in the past, but really felt comfortable working with ACI even though they were on the other side of the country.  As far as the final product, we are very pleased. We were able to use it offshore for a few days when it first arrived and it handled some rough conditions well, given its size.  Once we moved it in town as it was designed for, it has shined.  The fuel economy and speed benefits for our operation are already showing.  Jobs that we wouldn’t have made before are now getting covered and we are not having to call as many people in during their time off.   Wake complaints from our larger boats are gone as well, one of the most important aspects for us given the amount of recreational watercraft in the area.  
We look forward to working with them again on future builds.

- Brett M
Tampa Bay Pilots Association
As an owner of a newly constructed ACI Boat, I'm impressed with their ability to overachieve on expectations. Throughout the whole process, Cory Armstrong and his crew were accommodating to my input and concerns. The final product is a charter boat thatI'm proud to take clients on knowing their comfort and safety is forefront on design and execution. Thank you everyone at ACI!

-Bill B
Seward Charters
We deal with quite a bit of weather as we operate daily in the open Gulf of Alaska and I am thoroughly impressed with how she handles a rough sea. Just the other day I was in a 10', 30 knot sea state and was able to maneuver our 36'x13' Lumacat safely, and surprisingly comfortably back to port.

-Joshua Jackson
Seward Coastal Charters


ACI Boats launches two catamarans for Pybus Point Lodge
December 4, 2022

Pybus Point Lodge is proud to announce the official launching of two brand new, catamaran style, fishing and touring boats from ACI Boats. This is the second time we’ve had the pleasure of working with ACI and once again, they exceeded our expectations. Since we run a premium fishing and adventure lodge, we don’t just have to worry about our boats being safe and functional–we also have to make sure that our boats have the style and comfort that our guests expect.

ACI Boats wins three million dollar contract with American Samoa
March 8, 2022

ACI Boats is thrilled to announce the official award of a $3 million dollar contract with American Samoa’s Departmant of Commerce for four “Super Alia” commercial fishing vessels. All four boats will be manufactured at ACI Boats’ facility in Port Townsend, WA. The vessels themselves will be 38’x14’ semi-displacement catamarans, designed by ACI Boats and Coastwise Marine Design. The first of the four vessels, to be completed in Fall/Winter 2022, will be used as a training platform for boat owners, captains, and deckhands. The following three boats, will be completed over the course of 18 months and will then be available for lease by the American Samoa Dept. of Commerce, intended to support the growth and safety of the local fishing fleet.

ACI Boats launches first CatLander Landing Craft
December 15, 2021

ACI Boats launches it’s first CatLander in it’s line of CatLander landing crafts. Built for the Jamestown Sklallam tribe in Washington State, the CatLander7500 will be used as a spill response support vessel by the tribe.

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