Why choose an aluminum boat?

There are many advantages to owning an aluminum boat. Most people gravitate towards an aluminum boat because of the ease of maintenance, which allows for a longer boating season and less expenses. In addition, they are extremely durable, easy to customize, fuel efficient, and cost effective to build in comparison to other materials. Heavy gauge aluminum is strong, yet flexible when building, which allows for innovative hull designs. Because aluminum is such a rugged material, it does not wear out over time and is able to hold its value exceptionally well– this is a huge benefit when making such a large investment.

aluminum catamaran welding

What makes ACI Boats stand out?

With decades of experience, and many connections in the marine industry, Cory founded ACI Boats in 2015. Working alongside Cory, we have a team of highly skilled engineers, designers, welders, and craftsman producing some of the best aluminum boats on the market. The strength of our aluminum boats is in the hull design. We are consistently updating our designs to optimize the most up to date technology, propulsion systems, and marine advancements.  What makes ACI Boats stand out is our superior construction technique– commercial quality, with recreational amenities. We use 5086 aluminum for the bottom plating and side plates, and 5052 aluminum for the topsides. Every detail is engineered, designed, and executed with dedication. When choosing a boat builder, quality and trust is everything– ACI boats delivers with a safe, smooth vessel that looks good on the water and is built to last.

aluminum catamaran construction

Why catamarans?

ACI Boats is known for its catamaran fabrication and hull design, and it’s something we are passionate about. Cory Armstrong, founder/owner has arguably built more aluminum catamarans than anyone in North America. He has dedicated his entire career to building and refining these boat designs to match marine advancements, and can clock in over 1000 aluminum boats built. ACI catamarans are designed to perform better in rough waters, maintain high speeds, and offer a comfortable safe ride. Catamarans are extremely versatile, and can be used as pilot boats, survey vessels, USCG licensed passenger boats, landing crafts, the list goes on. They generally offer more stability than a monohull, and more deck space forward than a monohull.  

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Do you offer financing?

Give us a call to talk through financing options, and learn about our in house financing program.

Do you do custom builds?

Yes! We've been doing custom builds as long as we've been in business.

How long does it take to get my boat?

Once the contract is signed, it takes about 12-18 months for a boat to be delivered.

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