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ACI Boats launches two catamarans for Pybus Point Lodge
Pybus Point Lodge is proud to announce the official launching of two brand new, catamaran style, fishing and touring boats from ACI Boats. This is the second time we’ve had the pleasure of working with ACI and once again, they exceeded our expectations. Since we run a premium fishing and adventure lodge, we don’t just have to worry about our boats being safe and functional–we also have to make sure that our boats have the style and comfort that our guests expect.
ACI Boats wins three million dollar contract with American Samoa
ACI Boats is thrilled to announce the official award of a $3 million dollar contract with American Samoa’s Departmant of Commerce for four “Super Alia” commercial fishing vessels. All four boats will be manufactured at ACI Boats’ facility in Port Townsend, WA. The vessels themselves will be 38’x14’ semi-displacement catamarans, designed by ACI Boats and Coastwise Marine Design. The first of the four vessels, to be completed in Fall/Winter 2022, will be used as a training platform for boat owners, captains, and deckhands. The following three boats, will be completed over the course of 18 months and will then be available for lease by the American Samoa Dept. of Commerce, intended to support the growth and safety of the local fishing fleet.
ACI Boats launches first CatLander Landing Craft
ACI Boats launches it’s first CatLander in it’s line of CatLander landing crafts. Built for the Jamestown Sklallam tribe in Washington State, the CatLander7500 will be used as a spill response support vessel by the tribe.
ACI Boats launches warm weather recreational catamaran
Custom warm weather offshore tuna fishing boat headed for San Diego! Our 36’x13’ warm weather, welded aluminum symmetrical planing catamaran was designed primarily for comfort and fishability; to allow the client to go offshore for days at a time.
ACI Bristol Bay Gillnetter ready to fish
Built and designed in Port Townsend, WA this Bristol Bay gillnetter by ACI Boats is ready to break records.
Passenger Vessel Built By ACI Boats
Comfy new passenger vessel for Eagle Charters! Ready to transport up to 49 passengers from Juneau to Elfin Cove, Alaska.
ACI Boats delivers new support vessel to Tampa Bay Pilots
32'x11' asymmetrical foil assist catamaran built by ACI Boats and designed by Scott Jutson for the Tampa Bay Pilots Association.
ACI Boats expands to Anchorage, Alaska
We are excited to announce our expansion to Anchorage, Alaska! Our new facility will allow us to expand and better serve our Alaskan clients and accommodate our growing business. Our facility will share facilities with our existing company Gold Star Marine, which offers marine repair and maintenance to Anchorage, and the greater Kenai Peninsula.
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