ACI Boats wins three million dollar contract with American Samoa

March 8, 2022

ACI Boats is thrilled to announce the official award of a $3 million dollar contract with American Samoa’s Departmant of Commerce for four “Super Alia” commercial fishing vessels. “On behalf of Madam Director Petti Matila, We at DOC look forward to working with you [ACI Boats] in bringing this great economic development project to fruition for the ASG and people of American Samoa but especially the fishing community and local fresh fish industry. And of course, We thank the US Federal Government EDA and OIA for their funding assistance.” Said Tamatoa Tony Lankilde, ASG Fisheries Economic Development Coordinator.

All four boats will be manufactured at ACI Boats’ facility in Port Townsend, WA. The vessels themselves will be 38’x14’ semi-displacement catamarans, designed by ACI Boats and Coastwise Marine Design. Constructed with 5086 aluminum hull skins, and 5052 aluminum interior transverse frames, each boat is identical in design and will be built to specifications as outlined in the RFP- including ACI Boats’ signature self-bailing decks, a forward leaning full width cabin with cuddy, galley, and head compartment. The boats will have an extended aluminum roof over aft deck to shade the work area. Fishing equipment will include Lingren-Pitman commercial hydraulic longline gear, three ProFisher electric deep-sea reels, a work table, and two 75 cubic ft. insulated fish holds. They will be powered by twin 195HP Yanmar diesel inboards, and outfitted with Garmin navigation electronics.

The first of the four vessels, to be completed in Fall/Winter 2022, will be used as a training platform for boat owners, captains, and deckhands. The following three boats, will be completed over the course of 18 months and will then be available for lease by the American Samoa Dept. of Commerce, intended to support the growth and safety of the local fishing fleet. “It is our goal and vision to stabilize, further develop, and grow the fresh fish industry to support our local restaurants and tourism industry. In addition, we plan to export high grade fresh fish to the global markets so as to create additional economic opportunities for our business owners and entrepreneurs. The Super Alia is at the center of this strategy and we are looking forward to making this become a reality.” Said Michael McDonald, ASG Department of Commerce Assistant Director.

“We are excited to take on this project, signaling a positive step in the expansion and growth of our business, and workforce in the Port of Port Townsend. This is an amazing opportunity for us as a business to build four vessels to the same specifications, while also providing a safe and durable product to the people of American Samoa.” Said ACI Boats Owner and founder, Cory Armstrong.

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