ACI Bristol Bay Gillnetter ready to fish

October 28, 2021

Locally designed and fabricated Bristol Bay Gillnet boat launched in Port Townsend on Saturday, May 3rd. Aluminum boat builder, ACI Boats just launched its second Bristol Bay gillnetter. The boat was designed in collaboration with ACI employee, Mike Carr who is a second generation Bristol Bay fisherman and Port Townsend local. Mike grew up in Discovery Bay where his dad built hulls for seiners. He started fishing in Bristol Bay in 2002, and began operating his own boat in 2010. This peaked his interest in the design, and fabrication of boats. While up in Bristol Bay, Carr started to notice a fresh generation of gillnetters that were using new technology and propulsion. “After getting my degree in Naval Architecture from the University of New Orleans, and all that I’ve learned from Cory, at ACI Boats, I wanted to apply my own experiences as a fisherman to help design a gillnetter,” said Mike Carr.

The F/V Signe is 32’x15’6’’ and was designed for maximum performance, while maintaining comfort and efficiency. The pilot house has direct bonded look-up windows that provide exceptional visibility, and natural light. There is ample deck space, and a comfortable galley/berthing area that sleeps 5. With another sleeping bunk in the pilot house, this vessel can accommodate a total of 6 crew members. The boat is powered by twin Cummins 600HP engines, with twin UltraJets 340HT. Its top lightship speed is 36 knots and 26 knots loaded with 13,500lbs in the fish holds. It can easily cut through the bay with an impressive turning radius and smooth ride.

The F/V Signe will no doubt catch attention in Bristol Bay. ACI Boats designs and fabricates recreational and commercial aluminum vessels in Port Townsend, WA. Owner, Cory Armstrong grew up in the islands off British Columbia. He learned to weld, and build boats as a young teen and has spent his entire career in the marine industry. It is not a stretch to say that Cory has built more aluminum catamarans than anyone in North America. Cory spent nearly 20 years with Armstrong Marine (now Brix Marine) as Partner and Production manager, overseeing the design and fabrication of hundreds of aluminum boats. In 2015 Cory started his own company- ACI Boats, offering a full line up of welded aluminum catamarans and monohulls that use his proven hull design, and a vast catalog of custom finish options. His boats are sought after for their thoughtful design aesthetic, and integrity that goes into each one built.

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